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PTQ 028: Complete Concussion Management for the PT

Physical therapy can play an important role in concussion care. With appropriate training, licensed physical therapists can utilize their skill set...

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PTQ 027: Discussions on how to get the most out of your clinical setting.

Richard and I talk about how to have positive clinical interactions with instructors and other health care professionals. Let us know...

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PTQ 026: The Challenge of A Lifetime – PTQ talks Neurologic Clinical Specialty with Dr. Elizabeth Ulanowski and Dr. Shelby Shroeder.

PTQ 025: Finding Balance in Yoga Therapy with Dr. Dava Nichol

From collegiate athlete to physical therapist to yoga educator, Dr. Dava Nichol (aka @thebalancedpt) talks with us about how she became...

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PTQ 024: Tips, Tricks, and Tools oh my! Discussion on optimizing your examination process

On the Quest this week, Dr. Brandon Fowler is our guide through the complexities of a PT eval. Be able to...

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PTQ 023: Physical Therapy – A profession perspective on what it is and who it’s for

At the end of most episodes we ask our guests a couple questions to gather some of their views of the...

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