PTQ 025: Finding Balance in Yoga Therapy with Dr. Dava Nichol

From collegiate athlete to physical therapist to yoga educator, Dr. Dava Nichol (aka @thebalancedpt) talks with us about how she became involved with yoga and how she is now using it to transform her patients.

You may know Dava already from her Instagram, The Balanced PT. She started practicing yoga as a means to recover better from the sports she was involved with in high school and college.

At first, her yoga practice only consisted of one session per week. She discovered quickly that this one session a week helped to reduce the little nagging injuries that are often common with a sports career.

Now Dava practices yoga 5-7 times a week. Sometimes with a brief 15 minute flow in the morning, and other times with a 60 minutes session at a studio in the evening. She believes that you don’t need to be practicing yoga for 60 to 90 minutes to reap the benefits that it can offer.

With only 5 minutes a day, you can do something that draws your attention to the body while helping to increase mobility. Consistency is key.

Dava discusses how she draws from yoga principles during her therapy sessions with almost every patient. Mindfulness along with mobility can be a powerful therapeutic tool. Her background in yoga has really helped her to treat the total patient.

Have you been curious about how to become a Registered Yoga Teacher? Dava has had her RYT for 2 years now. Listen in to hear the steps that she took to become certified and what the process entails. She speaks highly of Yoga Alliance so I would check it out!

Dava has developed a large following through dissemination of high quality, useful content. Be sure to connect with her on social media and check out the current challenges she has running. There could be prizes involved!


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